What is TokenRobot?

tokenrobot trading bot is a computer program based on a set of cryptocurrency trading signals that helps determine whether to buy or sell a crypto pair at a given point in time.

The tokenrobot trading robot is designed to remove the psychological element of trading, which can be detrimental in investment or trading cryptocurrencies.

Robot like tokenrobot is an automated crypto bot that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically match quantitative trading strategies.

It gathers market data, interprets it, calculates the potential market risk, and executes buying or selling crypto assets on your behalf.

Just think of it as hiring a cryptocurrency trading expert to do your crypto trading while you can sit back and watch the profit grows.

Intelligent tradinglayout

Easily grasp trends, real-time linkage

Tool import

TOKENROBOT are created based on the Set-Protocol agreement! Provide a professional investment strategy tool import ROBO-SET to achieve a humanized balance point


Powerful AI multi-currency synthesis technology using ETHEREUM(ETH) to build a DEFI ecosystem and centralized hedging, providing efficient management of your assets

Reduce costs

EVM compliant scalability solution that allows us to further give users access to the world of decentralized asset management at a very low cost

Data collection

PYTH Network provides a professional oracle solution for delay-sensitive financial data. The operation of the oracle allows Set to be in major capital pools all the time, capturing arbitrage space

Smart pairing

Set creates an aggregation agreement for DEFI funds, which determines the activities of funds among various DEFI agreement. Create a larger scale of funds through user groups and a larger amount of locked assets, and have the right to speak in the market

Formulate generate

Set ROBO-SET to automatically find the spread currency in the decentralized pool, and carry out arbitrage at all times. Funds and profits are divided to achieve stable long-term arbitrage

Product element

Company characteristics and development route


Multi-Pool Swap Arbitrage Mode.

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Your questions are our valuable experience

Only with $10, you can trade usingTokenRobotbecause you follow the Binance Exchange System to make crypto purchases. The minimum amount required is $10.

The risk you get is only losing the rental price of the bot, but you still have an unchanged balance in your Binance, Coinbase PRO or Huobi exchange account in USDT or in the form of other coins that are being traded.

TheTokenRobotsystem applies 80:20% profit sharing, where we as robot tenants get 80% of each profit andTokenRobot20%. This applies to all balance trades, both small and large.

Feel free to determine the percentage of profit you want in TokenRobot, because you have access to setting all trading settings in TokenRobot, so it will be easier for you to get big profits when the robot is working on trading.

Yes. You can follow copy trades in TokenRobot, we have the opportunity to trade without hassle, without analysis, and so on because all trades are carried out by professional crypto traders from all over the world, many great traders can create profitable strategies at a small fee.

Of course, you can withdraw your trading capital or profit on Binance Exchange whenever you want,TokenRobotcannot withdraw your funds on Binance.

RoyalQ cannot retrieve your balance, because the API system (application programming interface) when connecting between tokenrobot and Binance, Coinbase PRO or Huobi exchange only allowsTokenRobotto change balances and trades.

No, because you are in spot trading activity (not futures). There is no margin call in the world of crypto trading, theTokenRobotteam chooses the best coins at CMC that have a large trading volume.

Your robot will continue to trade automatically if your device is disconnected or in offline mode.

Of course, all members will be trained and guided for free by theTokenRobotteam throughout Indonesia through personal Zoom Meetings, Events and Offline training.